Updated 08 February 2024 23:25

Salvation Army Foodbank News update and request list

Salvation Army Foodbank - food donations urgently needed .

Due to the present cost of living crisis we are in desperate need of ANY food donations.

The Foodbank at Salvation Army is running drastically short of food at present.  We have lots of cereal and pasta, however not much of everything else. 

Our main needs are  

Longlife milk,     sugar,      tinned soup,                tinned spaghetti hoops,           tinned potatoes,          tinned vegetables,       jars of pasta sauce,     

tinned rice pudding,    biscuits and coffee.   

Any help with the above would be greatly appreciated.  Holidays are often difficult for families and they are continuing to need our help. The Foodbank is receiving and processing around 50 - 55 referrals a week; they then support each family with around 5-7 days worth of food.  If stock levels do not increase they are in discussion about the possibility of having to reduce this down to 3-5 days worth. Anything you are able to provide is greatly appreciated.

The Salvation Army Centre is on Harrington Street (PR1 7BN), accessed from Moor Lane. Thank you. [Claire and Natalie] 

For those who are not able to donate food to us, we do have a just giving page, where people can donate money to us, which enables us to go out and purchase food ourselves.  Here is the link www.justgiving.com/fundraising/the-salvation-army-preston-corps

Thank you to everyone that has donated to our emergency food provision and continues to do so.  [Claire Bowerman]


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